The Year in Ethereum 2019

Up and to the right

1. The Ethereum Economy Grows

Source: Coinmetrics
source: Concourse Open, DeFi Pulse
Source: Alethio (01–01–2019 data)
Source: Alethio (12–15–2019 data)
Source: DeFi Pulse
Tether on Omni (Dark green) and Tether on Ethereum (Light green) — Source: Coinmetrics
Source: Coinmetrics

👹 Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

2. Ethereum nudges into the mainstream

3. Ethereum 1.0 performance & sustainability

Source: Etherscan
Source: Eric Conner

4. Eth2 is (almost) here.

5. Layer 2 and off-chain tech

What did it all mean?



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